Begun, the Steam Summer Sale has

Luke Hardwick
9 months, 3 weeks ago
Steam Sale Banner

That's right folks, it's that special time of year once again. A time when Gabe Newell descends from his ivory throne to bestow upon us mortals a bounty of cheaply-priced games.

It's the Steam Summer Sale, currently in full swing until July 9th. During this most festive of occasions, hundreds, nay, thousands of titles have been priced to sell, with most being discounted just enough for players to convince themselves "for that price I can't afford not to buy!"

I for one like to peruse the Under $10 tag to see if there are any games from the last 5 years that I've casually wanted to play, because at that price point, it isn't a huge loss if I end up never touching it. For instance, Titanfall 2, which was just recently freed from its Origin prison and released on Steam - that $9.89 price tag is looking real tempting right now. Also, for $8.99, perhaps I'll finally play Fallout 4.

Right now, Payday 2 is only $0.99, which means that you and three of your friends can play one of the best co-op shooters of the last decade for less than the cost of a Big Mac.

If you're looking for something a little more contemporary, you might get lucky and find that one game you've been eyeing is sitting pretty at a cool 25% - 50%. Perhaps even more. Or go in blind and just start browsing - part of the fun is looking through Steam's vast catalog to see what's there.

As per tradition, the Steam Summer Sale is accompanied by an appropriately themed mini-game of sorts that lets you earn points from buying games that can then be used to customize your Steam profile.