The definitive version of Death Stranding is now available for pre-order

Luke Hardwick
1 year, 5 months ago
Death Stranding for PC

While the internet argues about what to make of Death Stranding, those of us who simply want to experience it - whatever it may be - in the best way possible can look forward to the game's upcoming PC release, which has just been quietly put up for pre-order on Steam and the Epic Games store.

Currently, Death Stranding's PC release is listed for Summer 2020, which at this point in the world's timeline might as well be an eternity from now. Sure, there is of course some risk involved in waiting that long to experience what some are touting as the "game of our generation", but then again, edgier critics are branding Death Stranding with a resounding "meh". In any case, assuming we aren't all dead when the day comes for Hideo Kojima's magnum opus to reach its full potential on PC, it may or may not be worth the wait - but that's a risk I'm willing to take.

Death Stranding was originally announced for PC years ago, but in the time since then, everyone seemingly forgot. While initially published by Sony Entertainment as a PS4 timed exclusive, Kojima Productions has since partnered with 505 Games to ensure that PC players aren't stranded forever.