Dying Light's Hellraid DLC looks like a delightfully meta tromp through one of Techland's forgotten games

Luke Hardwick
9 months, 2 weeks ago
Dying Light Hellraid DLC screenshot

As if an undead uprising isn't problem enough for the surviving inhabitants of Harran, why not throw in a demonic arcade cabinet capable of transporting unwitting players into a hellish dungeon terror. You know, just in case they were getting a little too comfortable in that high-rise-condominium-turned-fortress they call home.

No, I'm not smoking anything. That's literally the premise of Dying Light's upcoming Hellraid DLC.

In order to fit this DLC in with the rest of the game's narrative, you have to think of the world of Dying Light as a sort of alternate reality - one where developer Techland still exists but actually released its currently-on-hold-but-probably-cancelled dark fantasy RPG, Hellraid. It's not entirely clear how this next part happened, but somewhere along the way the game is converted into an arcade cabinet, and, oh yea, an inter-dimensional portal that feeds on souls.

Somehow, one of said Hellraid cabinets inconspicuously shows up in the basement of survivor HQ, where it is discovered and of course becomes a thing.

I believe this is where the DLC picks up, with your character being taken for an inter-dimensional ride through fantasy hell to face off against legions of skeletons and other savory creatures.

It all sounds delightfully meta, and looks to be a somewhat drastic change in scenery, what with the whole dungeon, and also gameplay. Sure, you're likely going to be lobbing off heads as you normally would using all manner of melee weapons (albeit medieval in nature), but your enemies are also trying to do the same to you, so like, strategy or whatever. It'll probably be like the Dying Light of Dark Souls. Or would it be the Dark Souls of Dying Light? I always get the two confused.

Anyway, here's a first look at the Hellraid DLC in action, which releases for PS4, Xbox One, and PC on July 9th.

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