EA Play returning in June as a digital event, promises "world premieres, news, and more!"

Luke Hardwick
11 months, 1 week ago
EA Play Event

This year's E3 may be cancelled, but that isn't stopping some publishers from putting on their own flashy events in an effort to spread some hype for their latest and upcoming games. After all, even in the midst of a society-haulting pandemic, the show must go on - especially when that show involves moving units off the shelves.

EA Play is just the latest in a long line of would-be presenters to transition over to an all-digital event, away from its typical appearance as an E3 sideshow.

There's no word on what games will be showcased at the event, but I think it's a safe bet that the usual suspects will all be present - such as Madden and FIFA. There's been some buzz around the possibility of a Dragon Age reveal taking place, which would be awesome, but I find to be a little unlikely. Additionally, being that Battlefield 5 just recently delivered its last update, it certainly leaves the door wide open for an inevitable sequel to make itself known. Heck, perhaps we'll even learn more about Anthem's ongoing identity reconstruction efforts.

In any case, speculation will no doubt whip itself up into a tizzy until the festivities kick off on June 11th at 4pm PST.