Frontline Zed looks like an HD re-imagining of popular flash game The Last Stand, and that's okay

Luke Hardwick
1 year, 8 months ago
Frontline Zed Forest level

Let's just go ahead and address the zombie in the room - Frontline Zed is an isometric wall-defense shooter that bears a strong resemblance to late 2000's, browser-based game The Last Stand. Now that we have taken care of that matter, perhaps we can appreciate the fact that we're getting a spiritual successor to what can be considered a Newgrounds classic. As R&B poet and word-artisan R. Kelly once said, "I don't see nothing wrong".

Frontline Zed's premise is fairly straight forward - you build a wall, you defend a wall. By day, you are either reinforcing the wall's integrity, or you're out searching for more survivors and weapons to assist in your fight for survival. By night, the dead come a-knocking, and they would like nothing more than to tear you and your small band of survivors to shreds.

Barricade Destroyed.gif

In terms of depth, that's about all that can be surmised from the latest gameplay trailer and Steam page description. According to its' listing, Frontline Zed will feature "Two hours of intense, story-driven gameplay", with at least two planned expansions to be released later on that will address the origins and aftermath of the main campaign's events. While it will initially only feature a single player component, the developer has publicly stated that the inclusion of co-op is being considered for future titles, with local co-op possibly happening later on.

Though Frontline Zed is advertised as being developed by a studio by the name of Volcanic Games, make no mistake that this game is the work of a one Richard East. According to his LinkedIn profile, this will be his studio's first development endeavor. To his credit, however, he has already proven to be more communicative to would-be buyers than most AAA studios are, which is to say that he's responded to a few people's comments on Reddit and the game's Steam forum.

Weapon Rack Filling Up.gif

Originally slated to be released July 2019 (hey, that's this month), the developer has since changed it to "Summer 2019". For a brief synopsis as well as a look at the gameplay, you can check out Frontline Zed's trailer below: