Mafia 1 Remake coming later this year, Mafia 2 and 3 Definitive Editions out now

Luke Hardwick
9 months, 2 weeks ago
Mafia Remake Screenshot

Last week, publisher 2K somewhat haphazardly announced the Mafia: Trilogy, and the ambiguity of what that entailed left us with more than a few questions. After a listing for an apparent remake of the first Mafia game "leaked" on the Microsoft Store, followed by a trailer of the aforementioned trilogy showing a seemingly touched-up Mafia 2, it was a little unclear if the entire run of Mafia games were being remastered, remade, or a combination of both. Fortunately, with time comes clarity, and we now know what the deal is.

As originally gleamed from that short-lived Microsoft Store listing, there is indeed a remake of the original Mafia in the works that is due out this August. To earn the designation of "remake", 2002's Mafia is being rebuilt from the ground up using Mafia 3's engine, and will include a reworked script, new gameplay features, and additional cutscenes.

Meanwhile, "Definitive Editions" of 2010's Mafia 2 and 2016's Mafia 3 have already been released at the time of this writing, with the former having received a once-over polish that brings its graphical fidelity up a few notches. Both come with their original run of DLCs that include three campaign add-ons, as well as item, vehicle, and clothing packs.

While you can wait for the Mafia: Trilogy to drop later this year and get all three titles at once for slightly less money, Mafia 2 and Mafia 3 Definitive Editions can be purchased separately for $29.99 each. Additionally, anyone who already owns the base versions of either title for Xbox One, PS4, or PC can claim their upgraded editions free-of-charge.