Minecraft is finally getting its own character creator, which means you can finally retire that awful Naruto skin

Luke Hardwick
1 year, 5 months ago

A little over 10 years after its original release, Minecraft is finally getting a proper character creator. So long Metal Gear Revengence Raiden skin - it's been a fun decade, and
if I'm being honest I gotta say your time spent building roller coasters with digital legos has been vastly more worthwhile than your metal gear related endeavors.

The Minecraft Character Creator will allow players to "personalize" their avatars with a variety of different options ranging from build and height to facial features such as eye shape, color, and the like. In case you think that's a little too tame for being a decade in the making, you're also able to swap out limbs - which I can only imagine invites all manner of uncanny abominations to be created. While it's not quite Elder Scrolls level of customization, it's certainly a huge leap from previously only being able to apply crudely designed skins to make your avatar vaguely resemble virtually any character/creature/entity you can imagine.

According to the patch notes, more than 100 items will be available free of charge for use in crafting your ideal avatar. Additionally, and this should come as no surprise, there will also be premium items available for purchase.

Currently, the creator feature is only available in beta form on Windows 10, Xbox One, and Android versions of Minecraft: Bedrock Edition, with plans to roll it out to other platforms wants it exits beta.