The Steam Autumn Sale is here and ready to take your money

Luke Hardwick
1 year, 4 months ago

You know that staggeringly dense library of unplayed Steam games that, despite your sincerest wishes, has actually not been accumulating any equity just sitting there? Well, forget about those losers because it's once again that joyous time when Valve uses the tail-end of each year to entice us with delectable discounts across their entire store as to ensure our eternal subservience to them.

Mind you, Steam sales haven't carried same level of excitement ever since they did away with flash sales and opted to keep games at a constant price-point for the duration, but there still some noteworthy deals that might be worth a consideration.

In any case, folks can save up to 75% on games such as Resident Evil 2 Remake, Monster Hunter World, and most importantly - Skyrim! Also, this may be your last chance to pick up the Steam Controller, as this current stock will reportedly be the last before Valve sunsets the product for good. At $5, I'm willing to bet that they're going to sell out sooner rather than later.

For these prices, perhaps it's a good time to get your long-distance friends that one game you've been trying to get them to play with you?

The Steam Autumn sales runs between today and December 3rd.