Ubisoft looking to break into the Battle Royale genre with Hyper Scape

Luke Hardwick

1 year, 10 months ago

HyperScape teaser image

A fair amount of evidence has surfaced suggesting that Ubisoft is looking to tap the seemingly bottomless vein of the Battle Royale genre. After several corroborating tweets, followed by a new website springing up out of nowhere, it's probably safe to assume that Far Scape will be the Montreuil-based publisher's answer to Fortnite, Apex Legends, and the like.

Far Scape's website looks to be more focused on the world-building aspect of the game, reading as an "About Page" for a fictional Prisma Dimensions corporation. From what I can gather, this (probably nefarious) entity has - and stop me if you've heard this one before - figured out a way to download human consciousness into a virtual world, called "Neo Arcadia".

It's from Neo-Arcadia that users are able to live out a life of enhanced connectivity - or something to that effect. Amongst other things, willing patrons(?) are able to participate in a game called Crown Rush, which is described as "the first iteration of Hyper Scape" that offers "pulse-pounding action." This seems to suggest that Crown Rush is just one of multiple game modes that will be playable at launch or perhaps sometime in the future.

Far Scape is reportedly leaning into Twitch Integrations to allow spectators a previously-unseen level of interactivity, particularly with how they are able impact the way matches play out.

According to Far Scape's website, July 2nd is a date of significance - though it's unclear why. Earlier reports suggest that a closed beta is beginning next week, with an open beta scheduled for July 12th, so it stands to reason that July 2nd is when Ubisoft is planning on officially announcing

Hyper Scape

Release Date
Aug. 10, 2020
Ubisoft Montreal