Ubisoft's best E3 announcement was Jon Bernthal and his dog, Bam-Bam

Luke Hardwick

2 years, 5 months ago

Jon Bernthal and his dog Bam-Bam

Halt the presses folks because the award for E3's best-in-show may have just been claimed by Jon Bernthal taking center stage at the Ubisoft conference along side his very good dog, Bam-Bam.

I'm pretty sure he was there to talk about his role in the upcoming Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, which is also cool I guess, but a game about bulky bro-soldiers blowing each other (away) seemed just a little less interesting when stacked up against a good dog just being there for his human.

Bam-Bam being a very good dog

A good boi

Apparently the internet shares my admiration for E3's fluffy guest-of-honor, as many took to social media to express similar sentiments - some of whom have even gone as far as to compare Bam-Bam's presence to Keanu Reeves' inescapable charm.

As far as that particular comparison goes, I think the audience reaction to Shanine says it all (that's the name of the pair I just came up with because it mixes "Shane" with "canine", but I guess if I have to explain it maybe it's not all that great of a name).

Audience reacts to Jon and his good dog

That's me I'm the audience

This stunt is going to be very difficult to follow up, but fortunately for all the other publishers it came at the tail-end of the conference schedule. At this point, the only hope Square Enix has is if they start things off by having a dog ride out on an actual chocobo - but I doubt they could have arranged for this on such short notice.

In any case, Thank you Bam-Bam - wherever you are - for giving us an E3 to remember.