More than 5 years after its release and at least 10 years before actually being finished, DayZ Standalone is getting a new map

Luke Hardwick

1 year, 7 months ago

DayZ Livonia Map announcement

Livonia - spanish for "land of bears", is a new map coming to DayZ Standalone sometime in the near-ish future. Based on an ARMA 3 map of the same name, Livonia consists of dense forests, sprawling mountains, and breathtaking vista - all of which possess a majesty that has been slightly tarnished by the presence of reanimated corpses roaming its landscape.

The accompanying trailer highlights the introduction of bears to the world of DayZ, which will apparently be just as much of a threat to survivors as the walking dead - but we'll see about that. Personally, I've always found players with a surplus of Mosin ammo and a decent hiding spot to be the number one killer in what is otherwise a lawless land, so it will be interesting to see if the folks at Bohemia Interactive can create formidable opposition out of the environment that will actually encourage players to band together rather than force-feed each other bleach.

Unsurprisingly, the DayZ community seems to share a common hesitance towards a new map being added when the core game is widely considered to be incomplete. Additionally, it's unclear if or how much would-be players will need to fork up for access to Livonia, or if its new features will be available in the default map, Chernarus+. This has caused some to question whether the release of a new map is simply a conduit to charge additional money for features that had been originally planned for the base game.